Participating in Rado Star Prize 2017 I won first place with my design called "The Cell Textile". Describing the world in 100 years I created a smart textile enabling transformation and reacting to our individual biometric system, using bio information, changing size and shape according to one's needs.
My design initiates from a  “mother cell” that, like the biological cell, will reproduce itself into multicellular organisms, creating a bio engineered system, a textile, a skin mimic, reacting to the individual, his DNA and his biometric information.
In addition, the cell textile will contain all the data possible, shapes and textures, colors and materials. Like an amorphic compilation of cells, taking shape and size together. It will be able to change to breathable, light and technical during sports exercise, also individually, insulating and warming, water repellent and body temperature balance. All according to one’s bio information and comfort immediate needs.
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