Participating in the ITHIB Istanbul contest 2018 I made it to the 10 finals with a collection I developed called The Power of Instinct.
In a world increasingly driven by data, we put much more emphasis on developing our intelligence and gradually lose our skills for fast thinking, our instinct. One of the main Vehicles to activate our instincts are senses. Nowadays, our flat screen modern world eliminates many of those senses.
The Power of Instinct would be gaining back our senses. Creating a new symbiosis between human and nature, studying the most intuitive way of being, and gathering back information. At the same time we see a demand for smart objects. We use Bio-mimicry and other research fields creating self-sustainable and smart technology.
The Power of Instinct is a synthesis between the instinct and the intelligence. Similar to the way that a software program is working. It is taking all of the newly gained information, the components, the automatic reaction, into an unfamiliar layout, creating new intelligence -a fast one.
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